Understanding Art With Spray

Art with spray paint is an emerging urban art form that utilizes spray paint as its medium. It is an art form that often depicts science fiction scenes or fantasy environments; the art relies highly on random effects produced by the spray paints. It is similar to graffiti in the fact that it incorporates the use of aerosol paints, but it also differs in the fact that the art is painted on more traditional art surfaces like poster board rather than walls or trains. Also it is often painted for commercial purposes.

Usually a glossy white poster board is used as a painting surface, though; almost any flat surface can be used. The artist will usually perform in a well ventilated area but will still also suit up with a gas mask and a pair of gloves to minimize exposure to the harmful vapors and irritants (For a list of materials click here: spray paint art). Layers of paint are sprayed down unto the poster board surface, usually in order of lightest color to darkest. The artist will then take a magazine page and place it unto the fresh paint. After a second or two the artist will remove the magazine to create a random texture.

Afterwards they will usually lay down any predefined stencils; the stencils can be anything from intricate cutouts to ice cream lids that are used to make planets (To see examples, visit awholenotherstudio.com). After desired stencils have been laid the artist will then proceed to add the next layers which will be seen as the back ground. After a background has been laid the artist will go on to create the bulk of the picture consisting of anything from a mountain range and a forest to a futuristic city.

Art with spray paint is usually performed quickly in front of a large crowd in busy metropolis areas. A full sized painting can usually be made in 15 minutes and then sold to bystanders at a price usually around 20 dollars. On busy days an artist could earn anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars, which massively outweighs the cost of paint supplies (40 -50 dollars). Overall,this art is relatively simple and is even often considered low art because of its lack of detail.