Oil Painting Reproductions

Imagine an object that has the ability to provoke emotion, provide a sense of wellbeing, give an opportunity to reflect, and escape from routine thought processing whilst automatically slowing down heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and providing an immediate health benefit for whoever connects with this object. It is not a miracle fictional object. It is Fine Art, and has been proven countless times by health professionals, scholars and artists alike to have measurable positive effects on the health and wellbeing of people who view it.

An entire industry now supports the idea that Fine Art contains valuable health and wellbeing properties. Large hospitals invest thousands, even millions, of dollars on acquiring Original Oil Paintings in order to assist delivery of the maximum health benefits straight to their patients. Commercial corporations, both large and small, are also realising the impact that Fine Art can have on their employees happiness and motivation levels, and are driving money into securing valuable Oil Paintings in the confidence that this will increase efficiency – and they are right too.

Of course, in the past this industry has not had the ability of extending to the average consumer’s personal home. It is not reasonable to expect the average consumer to budget into the millions for Original Oil Paintings in order to obtain the benefits. It is not reasonable to expect the same emotional response, or the same healing power from traditional forms of art reproductions such as prints and posters. The essence of Fine Art is in the communication of one human being, the artist, to another, the viewer. This connection can only truly occur through genuine Hand Painted Art. Mass produced art is generated with ink via a machine. This does not reflect skill, emotion and the human element that is present in every brushstroke of Original Hand Painted Art.

The relatively new industry of Oil Painting Reproductions now provides the opportunity for the average consumer to own their very own piece of Hand Painted Fine Art. Owning a hand painted painting is no longer reserved for royalty, or corporations with big budgets. The global market for these Oil Painting Reproductions has dramatically increased over the last ten years, with many consumers no longer being satisfied with sterile prints and posters and opting for their own affordable Oil Painting Reproduction. Indeed, it has been predicated that in the next ten years, Original Oil Paintings will become an essential part of every home.