Oriental Paintings For Sale Online

Among many of the other items that are popular to buy online, arts are another top buy. People buy everything from paintings to sculptures to sand art. These prices range from a few bucks to literally millions of dollars. You can buy reprints, originals, pieces done by famous artists living or dead. Its pretty fair to say that anything you want you can have, if you know where to look that is! As far as Oriental type paintings go there’s a few zillion places you can go, but I’m going to list some of the best so pay attention! Again, these range in price so use what sounds good to you!

Silver Dragon Studio – Fine art, original ink, watercolor
Dancing Brush – Contemporary zen paintings
Mina Studios – Chinese brush paintings, oil paintings
Dragon Galleries – Pastels, watercolors
Oriental Outpost – Charcoal, watercolor, calligraphy
All Poster or Art – Okay this is as American as you can get, but if you’re searching for a particular Oriental painting and aren’t willing to pay thousands or even hundreds, then this is the site for you

Of course these sites as well as other sites also offer other different kinds of art as well as paintings such as scrolls, hand engraved glass, hand engraved bamboo, etc. It really depends on what you’re searching for. You can also find many different artists, popular or not, new or old. Here are a few artists you can look into either for buying their paintings or for some history on Oriental paintings.

– Gu Kaizhi – This man is the originator of painting. Unfortunately you can probably only find reprints from Gu considering only 3 of his paintings are still existent and they are in Art Museums!
– Hendra Gunawan – Street Singer
– Tsai Horng Chung – Landscaping
– Pattana Chagkaew – Island Charms
– Pirapong Gulpisal – Muang Sing Castle – 2

If you’re searching for more sites with Oriental paintings, art, or history take a look online! In order to find any history or any information it’s a good idea to go to Wiki. You can find any info there you would be looking for. I like using it as a history lesson myself. The story of Gu Kaizshi for example is really interesting so I suggest if you are an art lover or a history lover to check out Wiki for that! Don’t be afraid of the extra work, it’ll be well worth it!