Oil Paint Art Supplies

In the world of painting and other arts forms, oil paints are quite popular. They give the painter enough time to work around a thought or idea, even after they are used on canvas or board.

Usually, oil paint is available in tubes. It is advisable to buy good quality primary and secondary colors, than to spend money on cheap paints. Oil paints are also available in pans or bars.

Thinners or solvents, such as turpentine, are generally used to dilute oil paint and for cleaning the brushes and palette. The addition of white or mineral spirits to oil paints makes it watery. It is recommended to use low-odor solvents in a well-ventilated room.

Mediums are materials that are used to dilute color, increase transparency and gloss and reduce drying time. Readymade mediums are available, off the shelf. The various forms of linseed oil can be used for this purpose. It is important to keep in mind the constituency of the paint before adding thinners or there may be insufficient oil left for binding.

It is recommended to use stiff hog-hair brushes when using thick oil paint. It is ideal to invest in good quality brushes, as they last longer than the cheap ones. Soft sable brushes or even synthetic alternatives are effective when it is important that the brush marks are not seen. It is advisable to try out different types of head shapes and lengths of handles, before choosing the appropriate brush.

It is essential to treat canvas and boards with primers, before using oil paints on them. Acrylic primers are favored in the business, as they dry fast and do not require any sizing underneath.

It is advisable to invest in good quality art supplies as they serve the artist better in the long run.