Complete Your Home Decor With An Oil Painting

Oil paintings can add a special touch to any decor and can come in a variety of designs and subjects. These can be a great way showcase your style and personality, they are great ways to collect, display and appreciate your art. Painting can be found with everything from fruits, flowers, boats, water scenes, to old houses, and farm animals. Some abstract art can even look a little indescribable and make a very interesting conversation piece.

Finding the perfect place to display your paintings. Art work can be placed almost anywhere in your home, or office. This is a personal decision, and your art work can be placed anywhere that would work for you and the work in your room. Large empty walls, areas above fire places, on the walls above dressers, above the head of the bed, and above hall tables seem to be a popular place to display art work. Keep in mind when deciding which piece to use consider the size you would need, the colors that you have around your room, and of course the use of the room. You would not want it to interfere with or take away from your other art, or pictures in your room.

Colors and contrasts of the room should be considered trying to develop a color pallet among the colors in the walls, furniture, and other surrounding. Most Oil Paintings have a lot of colors in their pallet, so making a painting work usually does not require a lot. Try to avoid using a brightly colored paining in a brightly colored room, this will cause them to clash and seem to loud for the room.

By using your best judgment and a few guidance tips you should be able to find the perfect painting for your needs. A room is usually already decorated and furnished before adding of a painting. Several paintings of various sizes can be used in the same room, even similar paintings can be groups together on a larger wall. Always keep in mind the style, and decor. As a decorative piece paintings can bring a lot of character into the decor of the room. They tell a story, or show your support for a cause. Always keep in mind that more is not always better. A few well placed paintings throughout the home or office, should be enough to complete any decor.

Once you have select a theme, style, and location you will need to select a size, do you want a smaller accent piece accent a larger piece, or other artwork in your home, are you going to be hanging the piece on the wall or leaning against a mantle. Larger pieces are no doubt going to be the center of the room, but will it take away from the rest of the decor, will in interfere with your other art work. Taking this into consideration will keep you from purchasing a painting that makes your walls seem cluttered or not fit in your decor. Paintings can add a special quality to any decor, and can add that personnel touch that your room may have been missing.

Oriental Paintings For Sale Online

Among many of the other items that are popular to buy online, arts are another top buy. People buy everything from paintings to sculptures to sand art. These prices range from a few bucks to literally millions of dollars. You can buy reprints, originals, pieces done by famous artists living or dead. Its pretty fair to say that anything you want you can have, if you know where to look that is! As far as Oriental type paintings go there’s a few zillion places you can go, but I’m going to list some of the best so pay attention! Again, these range in price so use what sounds good to you!

Silver Dragon Studio – Fine art, original ink, watercolor
Dancing Brush – Contemporary zen paintings
Mina Studios – Chinese brush paintings, oil paintings
Dragon Galleries – Pastels, watercolors
Oriental Outpost – Charcoal, watercolor, calligraphy
All Poster or Art – Okay this is as American as you can get, but if you’re searching for a particular Oriental painting and aren’t willing to pay thousands or even hundreds, then this is the site for you

Of course these sites as well as other sites also offer other different kinds of art as well as paintings such as scrolls, hand engraved glass, hand engraved bamboo, etc. It really depends on what you’re searching for. You can also find many different artists, popular or not, new or old. Here are a few artists you can look into either for buying their paintings or for some history on Oriental paintings.

– Gu Kaizhi – This man is the originator of painting. Unfortunately you can probably only find reprints from Gu considering only 3 of his paintings are still existent and they are in Art Museums!
– Hendra Gunawan – Street Singer
– Tsai Horng Chung – Landscaping
– Pattana Chagkaew – Island Charms
– Pirapong Gulpisal – Muang Sing Castle – 2

If you’re searching for more sites with Oriental paintings, art, or history take a look online! In order to find any history or any information it’s a good idea to go to Wiki. You can find any info there you would be looking for. I like using it as a history lesson myself. The story of Gu Kaizshi for example is really interesting so I suggest if you are an art lover or a history lover to check out Wiki for that! Don’t be afraid of the extra work, it’ll be well worth it!

Oil Painting Reproductions

Imagine an object that has the ability to provoke emotion, provide a sense of wellbeing, give an opportunity to reflect, and escape from routine thought processing whilst automatically slowing down heart rate, decreasing blood pressure and providing an immediate health benefit for whoever connects with this object. It is not a miracle fictional object. It is Fine Art, and has been proven countless times by health professionals, scholars and artists alike to have measurable positive effects on the health and wellbeing of people who view it.

An entire industry now supports the idea that Fine Art contains valuable health and wellbeing properties. Large hospitals invest thousands, even millions, of dollars on acquiring Original Oil Paintings in order to assist delivery of the maximum health benefits straight to their patients. Commercial corporations, both large and small, are also realising the impact that Fine Art can have on their employees happiness and motivation levels, and are driving money into securing valuable Oil Paintings in the confidence that this will increase efficiency – and they are right too.

Of course, in the past this industry has not had the ability of extending to the average consumer’s personal home. It is not reasonable to expect the average consumer to budget into the millions for Original Oil Paintings in order to obtain the benefits. It is not reasonable to expect the same emotional response, or the same healing power from traditional forms of art reproductions such as prints and posters. The essence of Fine Art is in the communication of one human being, the artist, to another, the viewer. This connection can only truly occur through genuine Hand Painted Art. Mass produced art is generated with ink via a machine. This does not reflect skill, emotion and the human element that is present in every brushstroke of Original Hand Painted Art.

The relatively new industry of Oil Painting Reproductions now provides the opportunity for the average consumer to own their very own piece of Hand Painted Fine Art. Owning a hand painted painting is no longer reserved for royalty, or corporations with big budgets. The global market for these Oil Painting Reproductions has dramatically increased over the last ten years, with many consumers no longer being satisfied with sterile prints and posters and opting for their own affordable Oil Painting Reproduction. Indeed, it has been predicated that in the next ten years, Original Oil Paintings will become an essential part of every home.

Understanding Art With Spray

Art with spray paint is an emerging urban art form that utilizes spray paint as its medium. It is an art form that often depicts science fiction scenes or fantasy environments; the art relies highly on random effects produced by the spray paints. It is similar to graffiti in the fact that it incorporates the use of aerosol paints, but it also differs in the fact that the art is painted on more traditional art surfaces like poster board rather than walls or trains. Also it is often painted for commercial purposes.

Usually a glossy white poster board is used as a painting surface, though; almost any flat surface can be used. The artist will usually perform in a well ventilated area but will still also suit up with a gas mask and a pair of gloves to minimize exposure to the harmful vapors and irritants (For a list of materials click here: spray paint art). Layers of paint are sprayed down unto the poster board surface, usually in order of lightest color to darkest. The artist will then take a magazine page and place it unto the fresh paint. After a second or two the artist will remove the magazine to create a random texture.

Afterwards they will usually lay down any predefined stencils; the stencils can be anything from intricate cutouts to ice cream lids that are used to make planets (To see examples, visit After desired stencils have been laid the artist will then proceed to add the next layers which will be seen as the back ground. After a background has been laid the artist will go on to create the bulk of the picture consisting of anything from a mountain range and a forest to a futuristic city.

Art with spray paint is usually performed quickly in front of a large crowd in busy metropolis areas. A full sized painting can usually be made in 15 minutes and then sold to bystanders at a price usually around 20 dollars. On busy days an artist could earn anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars, which massively outweighs the cost of paint supplies (40 -50 dollars). Overall,this art is relatively simple and is even often considered low art because of its lack of detail.