Catching Landscape Art Paintings

The term “Landscape” actually derives from the Dutch word “landschap,” which actually means land, scenery, scene, tract of land, etc. The origin of landscape art dates back to Greeks and Romans who paints scenery on their walls. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the tradition of scenic landscapes fell into decline and remained so until the 16th century. The real artistic meaning of the term “Landscape” came about in the early 1500s and is usually illustrated as “the art of depicting scenery.” The Netherlands was among the first places where landscapes art was popularized and come into action. In the west, the concept of landscapes grew very slowly. Nature was conventionally viewed as incorporating of isolated objects long before it was appreciated as scene or environment. In the east, this art reached extraordinary excellence as early as the 18th century.

Presently, landscape artwork is a very popular subject in the field of art. It refers to an artwork whose primary focus is forests, trees, rivers, valley, etc. Most of the art designs are developed with the use of oil paintings, watercolors, pastels etc, which give more attraction and pragmatism to the art. The blooming flowers, the twilight of the horizon and butterflies, the rising sun inclusively make the Landscapes, a beautiful art. According to Friedrich Schiller, a German poet, “Art is the right hand of nature. Thus the landscape being an inseparable aspect of nature is something, which is artistically represented and experienced.” Currently, night landscapes are enjoying wide popularity among the artists and art lovers. Artists in their art follow the best tradition of landscape paintings and combining the charm of the night.

Landscape art gives an opportunity to see and feel the whole world as people of ancient times did and as our contemporaries do. Landscape art is one of the most astounding forms of art that transports art collectors to another world, the world that is the mixture of the skilled artists’ work and the art lover’s imagination. There are thousands of online art galleries, which carry an array of beautiful art and paintings. You’ll find beautiful images which depict the basic instinct of mountains, valley, rivers and more. Throughout the history of art, hundreds of thousands of landscape paintings has appeared in art galleries worldwide, bringing fame to the artists. If you are looking for a beautiful landscape art, the first and the foremost step is to choose 100% hand-painted art by professional artists.

Learn How To Spray Paint

Doing spray paint art can open doors of perception into higher states of consciousness. However knowing how to spray paint isn’t everything you need to have this experience. Art, a friend told me, is in the way you interpret life. It’s a very different perspective from the mind-set of the every day grind. A true spray paint artist follows the way of the heart. They are authentic! This has nothing to do with your skill level.

I remember one time that I was painting on a sidewalk outside a university. I was sitting Indian style, surrounded by curious onlookers that were trying to get a better view. The audience was so thick that there wasn’t much space for the people to get inside my circle. While I put down the first colors of my painting, I saw one of the people in front of me was barefoot. For some reason they hadn’t put any shoes on that day. I looked at him and it occurred to me to surprise him by using his foot in my painting. In that moment, I just grabbed his bare foot and put it directly into my fresh paint! Fortunately it was funny for the audience and the man accepted my crazy idea in a good way.

This kind of spontaneous creativity is what I think really feeds the technique of spray paint art, or aerosolgrafia. I love the expressive moments, the times that we get out of our own way and let the great spirit paint through us. To me being in the moment is more important than knowing how to spray paint perfectly.

It is necessary to cultivate this sense of the now, and at the same time, it’s also essential to learn to be very practical. We must, as the boy scouts say, “be prepared.” One way to prepare is to be sure to carry the materials and tools that you will need, but no extra stuff to weigh you down.

When I go out to perform in a fair or in a nearby plaza, I bring a few important things with me. I carry a sturdy portfolio into which all my paintings and paper go. I bring my newspaper, already torn and prepared for painting. I carry a thin piece of wood to paint on top of. I put my spray painting cans into a backpack that I can easily carry, only bringing the colors that I plan to use. I can put my palette knives, plates, brushes and small music playing device into that same backpack. The music is important because it helps the crowd be engaged while I am working and creates fun moments of fascination for everyone. We can all forget the everyday and enter into the magic of spray paint art together. I bring a lamp with me if I will be doing my show in the evening. It’s also possible to figure out how to spray paint underneath a street lamp if it’s bright enough and you have chosen your street lamp carefully, preferably the night before. I carry a large piece of red cloth with me to spread out on the sidewalk and display my spray paintings. If the space is small, I may fold the cloth and display some of the paintings up against a nearby wall.

I have done a lot of traveling across Mexico, United States, Europe and more, believing that it is possible to be self employed as an artist and to be the boss of my own life and time. This was my basic motivation when I started discovering how to spray paint, to be free! However, my personal goal was not to become a rich person, so I have always sold my paintings at a price that the “man or woman in the street” could easily afford. In fact, if a person did not have enough money to purchase a painting, I would often accept whatever they were able to pay in exchange for my spray paint art. For me this wasn’t a problem.

There were many times I painted where my sales were so amazing that I ran out of materials before I finished my show. There were also places where no matter what I tried, I wasn’t allowed to sell my work and I had to figure out how to perform first and then sell my artwork in another area at another time to the interested members of the audience.

One of the first times I went to paint in the Zona Rosa, a tourist spot in Mexico City. I was a bit nervous and I had doubts that something positive would happen. I arrived and got set up. In a few minutes I was painting and it was a great night, full of life and sales. There was also a person who took the time to tell me that he was so surprised by what I was able to do with a spray can. He congratulated me in a way that deeply touched my heart. He told me that there was something truly valuable in me that he felt communicated much more than just artwork. In his eyes, I was interesting and spiritual. I did not feel that way inside, especially on that day! But he helped me feel more secure in my spray painting performance work. It was just what I needed to keep going on my path.

Only two or three days later, I was again painting with a large audience on the same street. I was in the middle of a picture, but I never got to finish it. A police inspector appeared and asked me if I had a permit. I did not have one, or even know that I needed one. He stopped my work and I had to stand up to talk to him. The audience was insistent that I finish the painting I was doing and began to chant “let him finish” at the police man. This was a huge surprise to me!

Even though the people defended me, the inspectors did not change their opinion. They did not leave me any other option. I was so mad that I kicked my cans and they actually took me down to the station.

Fortunately that’s all that happened. It did take me some time to figure out what to do next and find a new spot to work. This was a bitter experience for me. Pushing the limits of street permits has taught me so much about our social system and the restrictions that it imposes on our freedom.

So many things have happened to me while spray painting on the streets. I have had wonderful experiences of connection with strangers. I have met every kind of person from rich to poor and crazy to genius. I have learned to be a warrior and to confront a society lost in the day to day grind and materialism. It hasn’t been an easy path.

I have had to deal with envious people who hated me for my success. I have also had to deal with police, inspectors and other authorities who try to stop me from spray painting in certain places and sometimes from earning my living in an honorable way. I have learned to identify the bad apples who carry a grudge and to become invisible to them. I have learned that there are so many good people in the world, but often that’s not enough to live a graceful life. I’ve traveled so much and seen places that I never would have seen without learning how to spray paint. This path has been a path of the heart for me and I’m so glad I got out there and did it!

Palm Tree Symbolism in Custom Oil Painting

Custom Oil Paintings Have Become More Accessible, Often Given As Gifts

Hail, friends, maybe you wish to commission a custom oil painting — or maybe you are a painting artist, who will be commissioned to do original paintings. Custom oil portraits make excellent gifts for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and other gift ideas.

Thousands Are Changing Their Approach To Art Composition

I write this for you, in the hope that I recruit you. Whereto shall I recruit you? — to the responsible use of unconscious symbolism. I would like to hearten you to use unconscious symbols responsibly.

For instance, once you know the meanings of some positive symbols, you can add them to the composition of birthday, or other, paintings, even if they are to be made from a photo.

I am “all about” choosing positive symbols in art works, and rejecting negative ones, for general purposes.

The Jungian Mandala Is The Highest Of All Art Symbols

Insofar as I have been able to find, the Jungian mandala is the highest of all symbols. For that, every art painting ought to be a mandala – or ought to be part of a furniture-arrangement, that forms a Jungian mandala.

Right now, it is too soon in the “mandala art campaign”, for me to try to persuade you, to make your every oil painting to be a Jungian mandala. Therefore, I hope to hook you into the subject, by telling to you, about the symbolism, of the palm tree, and how you can use it, in your custom oil painting composition.

Some Art Symbols Are Generally Harmful, But Each Has Its Right Time And Place

Did you notice that I used the disclaimer, in the foregoing sentence, “for general purposes”? That is because a symbol, that might be negative, in general, may have a limited, positive use, when featured in art drawings, or in art paintings.

What Quoth The Raven To Our Unconscious?

For example, ravens and crows are not symbols, that speak the best of outcomes, to our unconscious, when we see them displayed, in fine art paintings.

Yet, as part of a process, there may be a temporary place for ravens, in oil painting art, to help in psychotherapy, or in self-understanding.

If we happen to be in a phase of the psychotherapeutic process, where we are working with “the shadow”, then an image of a raven might call forth the shadow, so that we might explore its contents, purposefully. However, we would not want to do so all the time, therefore, as a piece, of permanent wall art, the raven is a “no-no”.

Sometimes We May Want To Explore “The Shadow”

In case you don’t know the meaning, of the psychological element, known as “the shadow”, and in case you wish, to find out more thereabout, then you will get fulfillment, if you Google “jung shadow”.

It might be helpful, to display a custom oil painting, of a raven, for a limited time, during the invocation, or the exploration, process, when we invoke, and when we explore, the shadow.

However, you would not want to include ravens in compositions of oil portraits that are to be given as presents, if you truly care about the one, to whom you are giving the gift-portrait.

Small Ravens In Larger Fine Art Painting Themes

A raven might be appropriate as a small element in a larger, detailed work of art, that maps out the entire process of self-fulfillment or self-actualization. “‘Nuff said”, as the “feller” once said.

Coming Up Next — Tree Symbolism In Custom Oil Painting

In the next article, I am going to tell to you about the symbolism of trees, in general. Since a palm tree is a tree, therefore you will learn about palm tree symbolism as you read about trees in my next article. See you then!

A Discussion of Art Gallery


Art gallery oil paintings can be showcased over the Internet. Contemporary artists now have more options than ever before in terms of how their precious paintings are displayed to the rest of the world. Instead of physically going to an art gallery, people can view artists’ oil paintings online. The following is a discussion of how an artist can set up a digital photo gallery to store his or her paintings in, as many an oil painting is known to adorn rooms throughout peoples’ homes.

There are a number of steps that need to be followed when an artist wishes to set up an online gallery Art of paintings. These steps include but are not limited to: scanning his or her paintings; selecting the best paintings to post on his or her online gallery; uploading his or her images of paintings; thinking about how much he or she wants to charge for the paintings; and consistently refreshing content on his or her online art gallery.

To begin, an artist who wishes to have an online gallery of oil paintings needs to scan each piece of artwork, if it is not already in a digital format. A high resolution camera of a high quality should be used to take pictures of the paintings. The images must be cropped and crisp, and only the oil paintings themselves should appear in them.

After taking pictures of his or her paintings, an artist then has to select his or her best work to display in the online art gallery. The work chosen should be of the caliber of those paintings that are housed in physical art gallery locations. After choosing the oil paintings to be placed in the online gallery, the artist needs to select a digital art gallery site to host his or her website. While some of these sites are free, other charge very reasonable fees. A profusion of these websites furthermore allow artists to see their paintings, and they do not even take a commission when the paintings are sold.

Upon creating an account with a digital art gallery website, an artist needs to upload his or her images of oil paintings. They will most likely need to be re-sized according to the website’s specific instructions. A biography then needs to be composed for the digital art gallery. The artist needs to make sure that it is short and professional. Such a biography can include the artist’s background information, his or her methods and materials utilized, and a statement from the artist himself or herself. An artist who is new to the world of digital art galleries can look at other artists’ websites to get ideas.

After setting up an online gallery of paintings, an artist has to think about how much he or she wants to charge for the paintings if the intent is to indeed sell them. He or she can look at the websites of other artists to get ideas on how much they charge for comparable works of art. The work of other artists can in turn be used as a guideline. At this point, it can not be stressed enough how an artist needs to constantly maintain and update his or her online art gallery. This is not to say that a lot of new paintings have to be added each day or even each week, but fresh content and new paintings need to be added on occasion to attract new visitors to the gallery.

In conclusion, an online art gallery is the perfect place for an artist to store his or her art gallery oil paintings. There are a number of steps involved with setting up an online oil painting gallery, which include but are not limited to scanning his or her oil paintings; selecting the best oil paintings to post on his or her online gallery; uploading his or her images of oil paintings; thinking about how much he or she wants to charge for oil paintings; and consistently refreshing content on his or her online art gallery.